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Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

Geography: a digital approach

      This book deals with the most important concepts and problems relating to how reality is put in the computer, or in other words, how various phenomena of the world around us are digitally represented. I have divided the book into eight main chapters, which partly retain the nature of a textbook on the theory of geographical information, and at times depart from a somewhat rigid academic lecture, becoming more an essay on geography. These eight chapters discuss the most important issues of digital modelling of real world phenomena, taking into account their spatial and temporal aspects, emphasizing the importance of this modelling for geography and for other sciences that deal with the complex reality that surrounds us.
      If I were to point out some inspirations for this book, I would certainly mention William Bunge’s Theoretical Geography (1962) and the well-known geography textbook by Peter Haggett: Geography: A Modern Synthesis (1983). Despite their many differences, they have one thing in common – they present a coherent vision and concept of the theoretical foundations of geography. It was very tempting for me to take up such a challenge and look at the foundations of geography through the lens of modern technologies enabling one to digitally model the world around us.

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